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Are you maintaining the correct level of hygiene in your Commercial Kitchen? Any of the following warning signs are obvious cause for concern.

  1. Mouldy Food in fridge
  2. Grease on walls due to inadequate ventilation or filters
  3. Food waste on floors
  4. Old / smelly oils
  5. Dirty cutlery

Is time being taken to ensure your fridge is clean? Does it smell due to mould and rotting food? Are spillages left to fester ? Is the seal dirty and broken? These issues are potential health hazards and are a risk not only to the general public, but also to your business. If food standards are not adhered too this could spell disaster. No restaurateur wants a customer contracting food poisoning as a direct result of poor food hygiene standards.

Keeping on top of Kitchen Cleaning

At the end of a busy service a good head chef will ensure his kitchen is left in a clean and hygienic state. However, some areas of kitchen cleaning are difficult to keep on top of. It is not unusual for grease to build up on walls, extractor hoods and other kitchen appliances. Grease build up is a fire hazard and needs to be attended to on a regular basis. Extractor hood filters should be changed regularly to help ventilation.

Dirty floors in a commercial kitchen are a potential health risk. Crumbs, spillages and general food debris will attract flies, cockroaches and even rats. Thorough floor cleaning is imperative and needs to be done regularly and thoroughly to avoid the spread of germs and the potential for an infestation.

Poor Cleaning Standards will damage your Business & Reputation

Commercial kitchens and canteens are used extensively on a daily basis, so cleaning should be done regularly. Busy kitchens are in constant daily use, often for long hours. Keeping a commercial kitchen cleaned properly takes time, know how and elbow grease!

Some kitchens can appear clean at first glance, but it is important to look beyond what is staring you in the face.

Employing a Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Specialist is one way to ensure you are on top of Essential Hygiene Practices. A professional cleaning company will make certain that your commercial kitchen is kept clean, fresh and fit for purpose.


As a restaurant owner you can’t be expected to do everything yourself. In fact, the same can be said of any business owner. Many tasks need doing and sometimes, it’s not practical to use your own staff or do it yourself. Sometimes, it just makes sense to outsource some of those tasks.

When it comes to the higher end restaurants, Chef’s are required to maintain good hygiene and work from a clean workstation. They tend to clean as they go, do a final clean up at the end of the day but beyond this, specialists come in to perform an intensive clean to make sure nothing is missed. Let’s face it, they can’t take chances and need the kitchen in a spotlessly clean condition, as an inspection could come at any point. One mistake could mean a lost Michelin star and that wouldn’t be funny.

Even the Big Boys get it wrong!

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid a mistake. We are human after all, BUT when you serve food to the public, it’s YOUR JOB to ensure kitchen hygiene is TOP Priority. If you can’t deal with it yourself, or by utilising your staff, outsource it.

Marcus Wareing Incident

Marcus Wareing, a name we all know from TV (and MasterChef, if you are fan like me) is synonymous with high end cooking and Michelin star awards but back in 2013, he was caught out. The Chef was criticised over fruit flies and warned of E-coli risks, plus told to purchase a new vacuum-packing machine. Bad press and food, aren’t a good combination…

Full article here 

Gordon Ramsay Loses Stars

Love him or loathe him, the foul mouthed lout of the culinary world, has failed to maintain his stars. Review by the Telegraph here. Quote: “Assistant Manager Jeffrey Giordano said at the time the restaurant had been blighted with an infestation of fruit flies, a dead mouse found in an air conditioning unit and that financial cutbacks forced him to decant supermarket gin and vodka into expensive bottles.”

16 Restaurants lose Michelin Star in 2017

How much of an impact would it be on your business? It’s not just a dent in the ego, but undoubtedly a dent in the pocket. People travel to Michelin Star restaurants to experience ‘the best’ and retaining the enviable star, is paramount to success.

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