Graffiti Removal Service

So Clean serves businesses throughout London and Kent with professional, environmentally friendly graffiti removal services.

Our specialist skid mounted warm water pressure washer system and non-hazardous graffiti removal products, can remove graffiti from any type of porous or nonporous surface. All materials used are biodegradable water soluble solutions.

Graffiti Cleaning Process & Ghosting

Graffiti can not be removed with a high pressure system as it can strip away the paint or materials behind the graffiti, or leave a ghost image of the graffiti once removed. 

Our low pressure system using a mix of water, heat and graffiti removal products allows us to remove the graffiti without leaving an imprint or damaging the surface or paint below it.

  • Painted Surfaces
  • Brickwork
  • Stone Surfaces
  • Masonry
  • Glass
  • Painted Putty or Rubber Seals
  • Painted Woodwork or PVC frames
  • Windows
  • Perspex
  • Woodwork

Kitchen Deep Cleans – London, Kent and Southeast

Art or Graffiti

Unless it’s a Banksy, we will be on hand 24/7 to remove any graffiti on your walls, doors, windows, floors and other surfaces.

Fill in the form and let us know the requirements of your job, and if possible, provide us with a photograph of the area which needs restoring.

Graffiti Removal Services London

Graffiti is common place in London and it is estimated that London Underground alone spends £10 million a year removing graffiti. This figure is likely to be much higher, when taking into consideration business and homes around the capital. 

Punishment for Graffiti

If someone is caught creating graffiti, the punishment can be severe (if they are caught). There is potential for a significant fine for damages and possible imprisonment up to 10 years, although minor offences tend to incur a fixed penalty notice, which doesn’t cover the cost of rectifying the problem. 

Poor Impression

Removing graffiti from your property or your business premises is vital as it gives a poor impression if left, however, whose responsibility is it? This is the problem as councils may or may not be responsible and more often than not, response times to the issue are poor. 

Speak to So Clean about professional Graffiti Removal service to remove street art and restore surfaces to the former glory. 


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